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​​"Cristina has completed two pet portraits for me. She is patient and worked with me to make them perfect. Couldn't be happier with the result.

I will definitely be using her services

for future portraits."

— Louise N., Minden ON, 2022


"Due to Covid restrictions,

I was unable to surprise my college best friend this summer.

We haven't seen each other for years now,

Doris will always hold a special place in my heart.

Cristina was able to create this beautiful art piece and speak through her art, to my bff, how much I miss her.  She kept me informed and sent me pictures on the progress of the art I wanted. I was quite simply blown away by her ability to translate raw emotion and energy onto the canvas.

I would highly recommend to anyone. Thank you"

— Joanne D., Timmins ON, 2020

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"Nous avions un projet qui nous tenait vraiment à coeur; réunir deux êtres chers dans un portrait réaliste à partir de deux photos. Le résultat était tout simplement parfait!!  Un moment des plus touchants a été créé grâce au talent de Cristina.  

Mille mercis pour ton attention au détail, le temps investi dans ce portrait émotionnel et tes conseils précieux pour en faire un cadeau unique et sans prix.

Je recommande cette artiste sans aucune hésitation et il est certain que j’y ferai appel pour d’autres projets."

— Valérie L., Gatineau QB, 2020

"Cristina perfectly captured a very special memory

of our beloved and recently passed furry family member, Honey.

I provided her with a picture of a special memory of her and my husband and when I shared the finished painting of the picture- the accuracy of both Honey and my husband was so great, that I had to clarify which was the photo and which was the painting!

She really captured the essence

of both Honey and my husband.

Not a dry eye in the house when this gift was given!

She’s incredibly talented and the painting she made

will forever allow us to

cherish a special moment in our home.

Thank you!"

— Elyse D., Innisfil ON, 2019


"I had a thought in my head, an abstract idea that seemed impossible to transform into something tangible. Suffice to say, Cristina went above and beyond and what once seemed an impossible vision in my head, I can now admire and appreciate every day! Thank you!" 

— Andrea M., Toronto ON, 2019

"Nothing but AMAZING things to say about Cristina and Painted Memories Art Studio!  Having seen her paint,

it's inspiring to see her truly passionate for what she does. Creating beautiful works of art!

Would highly recommend her to anyone!"

— Sarah Y., Bradford ON, 2018

"Cristina did a lovely tropical painting for me. Wonderfully rendered and fantastic customer service. Nothing but great things from Painted Memories!"

— Emma G., Barrie ON, 2018

"Cristina is a very talented artist. Her love for art and life shows in every piece she paints. I proudly hang Cristina’s artwork in my home."

— Dina M., Mississauga ON, 2018

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